Sweets That Make You Smile

Visit our local bakery in Hannibal, MO

When you bite into a handmade baked good from Confection Obsessions Bakery, the amazing flavors and textures will transport you into a sweet little world of your own. You'll be able to taste the passion and care our baker puts into every recipe.

As a culinary school graduate, she knows how to combine technical skills with enthusiasm to make one-of-a-kind creations. We're a commercial kitchen, so we're certified to make all kinds of goodies. Don't wait to check out the great selection at our local bakery in Hannibal, MO

"Here at Confection Obsessions Bakery I want to take your favorite confection and make it into an Obsession. Here, I am all about the smiles and wholesomeness that comes in wrappers and boxes. I make sweets that make you smile, have you smiled today?"

- Chef Deserea Cullom