Cream Horns


A crisp puff pastry outer shell with a sweet homemade buttercream center!



Puff pastry filled with either a hazelnut spread or a cinnamon spread, rolled and twisted then baked, unleashing its' true beauty!

Turn Overs


Puff pastry filled with homemade fruit fillings and baked to reveal a golden beauty!



Puff pastry filled with either cinnamon and sugar or cheese and bacon, rolled up and then baked off making swirls of goodness!

6 pack and 12 pack.

Vu La Vents


Puff pastry cut into a intricate diamond shapes, filled with pastry cream (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Lemon) and topped with chantilly cream and fresh fruit.

Shoe Soles


Puff pastry filled with cinnamon roll smear and pecans or a combination of coconut and pecans, rolled out thin and then baked!